Top 10 Haunted Places In Dombivli

Dombivli is an important city in Kalyan-Dombivli twin city of Thane district. Here are 10 Places in Dombivli that are definitely Haunted. Conduct a self-guided tour through the city establishments that offers true terror (and, bonus, no entrance fees!).

1) Kopar Rail Crossing
Kopar Rail Crossing
This particular place has been the cause of many deaths. According to locals, whoever gets under the influence of the evil spirit that resides here, loses their consciousness and then walks towards the railway track, they wait on the middle of the track, without any reason, for the train...

2) Rajaji Path

Rajaji Path
This place is haunted by the spirit of a woman. People have heard screams of a woman on several occasions and according to some locals a woman has been seen running on the street and she suddenly disappears as fog in the middle of night.

3) Reti Bunder
 Reti Bunder
According to the locals, there is a place near Reti bunder, which is said to be possessed by evil spirits, it was so cursed that the entire zone was cleansed by performing rituals and sacrifices. Now the place is covered fully by trees and still people who know about the past of this place, do not dare to enter this area.

4) The Station Ghost 
The Station Ghost
There are many stories of haunted experiences on Dombivli railway station. A source once reported such an incidence, he was waiting at the railway station for his train. He saw a lady around 40-50 years of age, dressed up as if she was going for work. After some observation he found that the lady was crying, so he asked her, if he can help her out. She said that she wants to go home, but she can't go. The guy somehow caught the train and went to his work. Next day, around same time, he came there to catch the train but this time he was accompanied by his friend. He could see the same lady sitting on the same spot and she was still crying when he brought this to his friends notice. He said that he did not see anyone over there.

5) Milap Nagar
Milap Nagar
There is a small open space which is used as playground by the locals. After 12:00 in the night, people have heard various sounds and have even seen shadows and smoke like structures appearing instantly, which then disappears. This place was previously used for the purpose of cremation and it is believed that their souls come out after midnight, on several occasions.

6) Poultry farm
Poultry farm
There was a poultry farm few years ago and few kilometers away from Dombivli station. The farm was presumed to be possessed by some evil spirit which ultimately resulted in the death of an exorcist and the entire farm was closed. What happened in that poultry farm can't be expressed in few words...

7) MIDC Ground
 MIDC Ground
The name of this ground has now been changed. This place is not famous for haunted experiences, but some people have experienced rather unfriendly and spooky experiences during night. According to some people, they have even experienced getting slapped on face by a paranormal entity. 

8) Haunted Well
Haunted Well

There was a well in Azde Gaon village which was possessed by an evil spirit. Many women had committed suicide in that well. People say that whoever passed by that well on certain days, during night used to get possessed by that evil spirit and soon committed suicide in some way.

9) Mad Man
Mad Man

A mad person used to live in Garibacha Wada. When he was alive, he used to abuse dogs and people in other localities and he would do all this, due to his madness. Now several years after his death people have claimed that they can still hear the abusing sound made by that mad person on several occasions during night.

10) Haunted Building
Haunted Building

There is a building near Nehru maidan which is believed to be haunted. According to a source, a woman with long hairs has been spotted here on several occasions, in one of the rooms, on the upper floors of this building. The woman's past is connected with this place. She used to live here before the new building was constructed and she had committed suicide under certain mysterious circumstances. Her soul still haunts this place.


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  2. All of this is rubbish.. This can work as a trick to persuade people from not buying a house in Dombivli.. All these places, most of them, I have been there... No such experience. None whatsoever..

  3. what shit :D just random places and flimsy stories. And pls explain whats a 'female woman?' if she is a woman she has to be female and if shes a female she has to be a woman. I don't know about your ghosts, but your beautiful English shall definitely spook people :)

  4. what shit! :D just random places and flimsy stories. And what's a 'female woman'if shes a female, she is a woman & if shes a woman she has to be a female! I don't know about these so called ghosts, but your amazing English shall definitely spook people. :)

  5. Nice imagination.
    Probably that evil person is me.
    Because I go all these places and hope that people won't ruin these places LOL.

  6. The author or the creator of this article seems to be a destructive piece of shit. please put some constructive efforts in the interest of the mass.

    I STAY NEAR RETI bUNDER, There is no such thing or a area full of trees

  8. All Fake...... there is no such thing in Reti Bunder, and there is no place near Reti Bunder full of trees

  9. Haven't mentioned Lodha heaven; kalyan shil road, a true incident happened with me 2006 where i was narrowly escaped from evil spirits and that was one of my bad experience

  10. A FEMALE WOMAN? Seriously? And

  11. There is a ghost in aayare gao near Maruti Mandir. Many people have seen a crying lady sitting there.
    and everyone from that area can tell you whose ghost is that and what's her story

  12. What a bullshit..�������� i usually come home by 1-2 still didnt see anything from above at all...������

  13. What a bullshit..�������� i usually come home by 1-2 still didnt see anything from above at all...������

  14. same here!i travel late night by 1:30 or 12:30 i havent seen none!

  15. I always travel late night from dombivali stn. But never seen such lady till now. All fake it is

  16. fake fake fake...sabhi areas ghoom chuka hu but never experienced evil spirits...n talking about azde gaon well,yes a woman did suicide but due to her personal problems... everybody gathered over well after her suicide including me...everybody knows over der dat y she did evil possession....

  17. Wow, what an imagination. Now please stop watching more movies from Ramsay brothers

  18. Bullshit... u must b a writer of some B class hindi movies 😂😂Chudali kaa aatank... aabhi meri jawani hui lal.

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  20. Bhai tera article padkar main aur mere dosst sab places par jakar aya... Ghanta... Tune likha hey waisa kuch naai tha.... Feeku...

  21. hahahaha nice work of imagination, this "ghost writer" can give chetan bhagat run for money

  22. Not possible in milap nagar and midc ground I am residing in golavli gaon near this places but we never experience that

  23. Crossing track in itself is a crime. Why cross a track to come in contact with the ghost....? Use flyoverbridge u have paid tax to build the same....

  24. You should be a director of a flim

  25. Not Possible there is ghost at dombivli bullshit.....!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I mean there is some negative energy that I believe in...but never came across any such instances till date !!

  27. Dombivli is so crowded and city of so strong people that all ghosts have shifted to the writer's place as refugee.