Thane is also known as 'the city of lakes' as there are around 30 beautiful lakes. The name Thane comes from corruption of its ancient name Shri Sthanak in Maharashtri Prakrit language, its earlier name based on a temple of Ganesha. Following is a list of top 10 haunted places in Thane.

1) Vrindavan Society 

      A man had committed suicide in one of the buildings of Vrindavan Society. The security guards patrolling the area have encountered strange happenings since then. They have been slapped hard on their face when alone and have been spooked by ghostly whispers during their patrol at night.

2) Eastern Express Highway, Thane

      The Thane stretch of Eastern Express Highway is said to be haunted by a neck-cutting ghost. Apparently, the spirit walks the highway with his arms outstretched and moving. If anyone happens to cross his path, his arms cut the victim’s neck!

3) Cemetery near Dhokali village

      Long time ago, a person while on his way to his office took a shortcut near Dhokali village. It was early in the morning, this guy saw many nude children walking in front of him and to his utter surprise they suddenly disappeared. He heard a laugh, when he turned back he saw the nude children laughing at him. This guy ran and somehow got into this village where he told his story to them and they told that somewhere around that place there was a cemetery where dead children are buried.

4) Eternity Mall

      Among the first malls in Thane and at a prime location but there's hardly anything left now except for the theater and a few real estate agents in the mall. The toilets, the escalators, the air conditioning all are not working and out of order. Many people claim the reason behind this situation is because of some paranormal entity or energy affecting the entire mall. 

5) The Nitin Casting area

        Similar to the lady(in white) who is found at Cadbury Junction this place has also been the witness of haunting. Many people have claimed to have seen a woman in white sari who suddenly appears and then disappears. This haunting experience has been the reason behind many accidents.

6) Ghodbunder Fort

        Many people have died while protecting and also while trying to capture this fort. The spirits of some of these soldiers, to this date, are stuck here and these spirits have been witnessed by many at certain nights.

7) Naupada, Haunted Flat

     A newly married couple bought this flat. After they moved in, they realized something else lived with them. In the second week itself his wife started acing differently, there were rashes and scars on her body. When consulted with doctors it was found that the scars were marks caused by injuries from someone who was inside the body. A pandit was called, he performed certain Poojas and placed Lord Hanuman's idol and after that things went back to normal.

8) Upvan Lake

         According to a rumor, long ago a person who was deeply in love with a girl committed suicide after jumping into this lake. It is said that, his spirit is still waiting for his love and so couples are warned to stay away from this place as the spirit might possess their love.

9) Thane East Cremation Ground

       According to the locals hovering around this place after midnight and before sunrise on certain nights can be injurious. The people who are burnt after death and whose souls have not yet been satisfied, these souls try to possess and enter into the body of people who are weak.

10) Cadbury Junction Signal

       It is one of the most haunted places. Many Rickshaw drivers have spotted a woman in white in that area, late in the night and the sighting is almost always followed by an accident.


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