Mulund is a suburb in north-east of Mumbai about 32 kilometers from it. It is nestled alongside the foothills of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park with easy access to the Eastern Express Highway and Navi Mumbai through the Mulund-Airoli Bridge. Following is a list of haunted places in Mulund.

1) Johnson & Johnson Road 

       The Signal at Johnson & Johnson Mulund is one of the centers of paranormal activity. A lady in white sari haunt this lane and has been the cause of numerous accidents, especially on New Moon nights. While most accidents are fatal, those who survived, said that they were only trying to save a lady in white and that’s the last bit they remember!

2) Jeevan Nagar
      One of the owners of a flat in this locality had committed suicide, he always loved his house and never wanted to sell it. The people who came to stay here after the flat was sold can still feel the presence of its last owner.

3) Mulund Railway Station

        Though an unusual spot for finding paranormal entities, but
according to sources, the spirits of those who have died while crossing the railway tracks and other such accidents are still stuck here and occasionally can be seen and heard screaming and crying at certain nights.

4) Cremation Ground
       It is in Mulund West. Local residents claim that they are forbidden to enter or go near this place after midnight on certain days as people who die early and whose worldly desires are not yet fulfilled are in search of a human body to fulfill their desires. Many people who have ridiculed this warning and have adventured into the premises at night, have been possessed by paranormal entities.

5) Babanrao Kulkarni Road

        Few years back a college girl was raped and killed somewhere on this stretch, since then on certain nights a girl can be seen crying out and running for help on this road, who suddenly disappears.

6) Nirmal lifestyle Mulund 

       This Mall once named as one of the largest mall in India is now in ruins. Most of the shops in this mall have been permanently closed. At KFC many people have witnessed paranormal activity.

7) Deendayal Nagar

        One of the construction workers was brutally murdered during the construction of a building in this area and his spirit has since been haunting several citizens and other people working in the complex.

8) Chintamanrao Deshmukh Udyan

      This garden looks perfectly sound and peaceful in the morning but on certain nights the story is not just the same. People have witnessed paranormal activities around this place.

9) Samshan Bhumi Road

      There have been many sightings of apparitions and people have also heard creepy and eerie noises at night. This road is a no go on certain nights for the locals.

10) Mulund Rail Crossing

       According to sources, the railway tracks near the crossing are haunted and many people while crossing the tracks at midnight have been assaulted and hurt by the entities which are not of this world. A flyover bridge has been constructed on the railway crossing.


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  1. Lol!
    Half of them are just made up :D

  2. Pray for peace for the souls of the dead with great love in ur heart if u pass by that area...

    Dead or living all kinda souls are looking for liberation... N this is their way of crying for help... So pls do pray n you will go unharmed... Trust me it works