Haunted College

It's time to tour the scariest haunted colleges in India. Many universities are said to have been built on ancient burial sites, while others were apparently the scenes of tragic suicides and unexplained deaths. We bring to you the top 10 haunted colleges in India based on certain reports and stories. Please feel free to add your favorite college haunts to the comment section.

1. Madras Christian College 
Madras Christian College
It has been reported that on several occasions people have heard sounds coming from the empty chemistry labs. They have heard sounds of professors giving instructions related to practicals. Pretty scary!

 2. Women’s College, Calcutta
Women’s College
According to many students, the presence of Hastings’ spirit is felt and around New Year’s Eve many have experienced this phenomena. They claim that during that time the erstwhile general’s spirit would rush up the staircase of his residence which lies within the premises of this college.

3. SNDT Girls College, Mumbai
SNDT Girls College
Many people have reported that by around 2 am they can hear a female voice reciting multiplication tables which is followed by sounds of slapping and wailing of children, no satisfactory explanation have been found for this.

4. University of Pune
University of Pune
There is a grave of Alice Richman. Alice died due to cholera in 1886. However, many believe that this is not the reason for her demise and she either committed suicide or was killed. People have claimed that they have seen Alice Richman's spirit wearing a white gown, walking around in the campus.

5.  IIT, Roorkee
IIT, Roorkee
A student committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his hostel room. This incident took place a couple of years ago and after that rumors started spreading that the place is being haunted by the spirit of this student.

6. St Bede’s College, Shimla
St Bede’s College
Many girls of this college have shared that they often hear mysterious sounds from the dining room close to midnight. The faculty of this college says that since the college is situated on the hills there is often sound of wind or the rustling of leaves which sounds creepy at night.

7. Kastoorbha Medical College, Manipal
Kastoorbha Medical College
The stairways of the Kastoorbha Medical College is said to be haunted by an unseen person who claims to be trapped in the 8th floor, though the college building doesn’t have an 8th floor. 

8. Agricultural University, Allahabad
Agricultural University
The girl’s hostel in this campus is said to be haunted. The nature of the ghost remains questionable as there is no common story of haunting experience and the story differs from person to person. 

9. Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai
Ramnarain Ruia College
A spirit wanders the corridors of this college and this story is quite popular. It is said that in class room no S26, you can sometimes hear and see this paranormal entity. The mini-auditorium of the college and also the ladies common room are also said to be sites of paranormal activities.

10. Sinhgad Engineering College 
Sinhgad Engineering College
At night, spirit of one of the engineering students, who had committed suicide in the college, after he failed in his exams, is said to be wandering around the premises of college.


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