Haunted Highways

Ghosts, hitchhikers, women in white/black/red. All around the world, late-night drivers have witnessed haunting experiences on roads. Here we bring to you top 10 haunted roads/highways in India. 

1) Delhi Cantonment Road
The most popular story around here is that a lady in white asks for lift from the passers by and if you don't stop your vehicle, they say that the spirit sometimes sticks to the boot of the car or jumps over it and has been the cause of many accidents.

2) Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH-33
Around 245 people have died on this highway since 2010. Temples have been built on both the ends, for travelers safety. A tall white lady is said to be haunting this highway.

3) Khooni Naala (JK)
Khooni nala
This place has got it's name, because of the number of road accidents that have taken place on this spot. A woman in black sari with an infant in her hand has been spotted by many people on this road. She asks for lift from vehicles passing by this road and people who get cursed, die...

4) Mumbai-Nashik Highway (Kasara Ghat)
Mumbai-Nashik Highway

A particular area on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway passing through Kasara Ghat is said to be haunted by several paranormal entities. People have reported seeing an old headless lady, who suddenly comes in front of the vehicle, causing many accidents.

5) MG Road (Gurgaon)
MG road
A woman in white sari has been spotted by many drivers on this road. According to reports she runs alongside people's vehicles and apparently has bulging eyes and a tongue the length of your forearm. Many BPO cab drivers have registered complaints about this incident.

6) Delhi -Jaipur Highway

The Delhi Jaipur Highway has also seen its share of  haunted incidents. People have experienced and witnessed unexplainable paranormal sights and sounds on this highway, especially the closer one gets to Bhangarh fort.

7) Mount Road(Chennai)
Mount Road

This road has a history of haunting. It is believed that ghosts would follow those who traveled by rickshaws on this road. This urban legend has been around for more than half a century.

8) NH17 (Mumbai-Goa Highway)  

There is an old saying that do not carry meat while traveling, especially after 2 in the night. One such incident took place at NH17. A couple were carrying Chicken and other meat items in their car, they were peacefully driving until the lights went on and off and the car went out of their control. They somehow manged to pull over the car and got out of it. The doors automatically got closed and after about an hour the doors opened suddenly and they saw a black smoke coming out of their car. They didn't get into the car until sunrise. When they finally got into the car next morning they found out that all the meat was gone...

9) Blue Cross Road (Chennai)
Blue cross road

It is believed to be full of ghosts, just because of the number of people that have committed suicide here. The lonely stretch has a canopy of trees and low hanging vines, which effectively cuts off the clear skies and no light at night.

10) NH4 (Bangalore)

According to the sources, on certain occasions during night, a young pretty girl asks for lift from the passerby. In one incident a young boy won over by the beauty of this girl, gave her lift. Once he was near the City premises he asked the girl as to where she intended to go. To his utter surprise, he found that the girl was missing. Once he reached the City premises, someone patted on his back and it was the girl whom he had given the lift and she asked him to stop. He was so terrified that he rammed into a compound wall of a nearby under construction building. As he was lying wounded on the road, the girl came and looked into his eyes, gave a wicked smile and walked away...


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