Gurgaon Haunted
Gurgaon is a leading financial and industrial city, situated in the National Capital Region in the state of Haryana. Conduct a self-guided tour through the city establishments that offers true terror (and, bonus, no entrance fees!). Here are 10 Places in Gurgaon that are definitely Haunted.


1) Saffron B.P.O. Gurgaon
Saffron BPO
It was built on top of a graveyard and most of the people working in this BPO have experienced paranormal activities. The most famous story around here is of 'Rose'. According to sources, this company had an employee, whose name was Rose. She had been employee of the month several number of times and suddenly one day she stopped coming to work, after inquiring through her relatives it was found that she had died several years ago.

2) MG Road 
MG Road
A woman in white saree has been sighted by many drivers. According to the legend, this woman's tongue expands to great length and her eyeballs come out when anyone dares to stare at this lady. There have been many such haunted incidents and if you ever pass through this road during midnight, drive slowly and pray.

3) Sector 56 
According to Pooja Singh, soon after she and her family moved into a new house, paranormal activities became pretty common. They would hear knocks on the door with no one outside. Her daughter, had a toy car, which moved with the help of a remote. It's the kind of car in which a child can sit and take a ride, while the parents control the remote. The toy car was lying around in the hall and it suddenly started moving and nobody had touched the remote.

4) Malibu Towne 
Malibu Towne
People have claimed that a ghost was the reason behind the delay in construction of one of the towers. The ghost reportedly lived in the tower from the beginning. During the first year of construction, two workers jumped off the building and a few people saw some ghostly faces on the walls. Since then people are scared to even enter the premises.

5) Ashoka Vihar Flyover 
Ashoka Vihar Flyover
This place is haunted by the spirit of a woman in white dress. According to sources, this spirit can be witnessed between 1-4 am. She asks for directions and if you stop, you car either breaks down or you just keep going in circles.

6) Sector 7 
Sector 7
Here, a ground floor apartment is said to be haunted by some spirit. According to locals, it is the soul of a man who was brutally murdered in the bathroom. The spirit haunts people and those who stay here have reported severe mental trauma and illness.

7) Crying ghost 
 Crying ghost
According to some sources, a school was being built near Cyber City, authorities were having trouble finding security men to guard the premises at night, because strange sounds of men, women and children crying and calling out in pain can be heard at night. After performing certain poojas and hawan the crying has finally stopped.

8) Palam Vihar 
Palam Vihar
In 2005, Barkha’s husband got a job in Udyog Vihar, and they started looking for a house in Gurgaon. They moved into a quiet residential part of Palam Vihar. The house was initially in good condition but then the family started experiencing paranormal activities. It was later found that an ancient graveyard was just meters away from their house.

9) The possession 
The possession
In 2004, a college lecturer who had a 15-year-old daughter, shifted to a new house. The girl, Niharika, started acting strangely. One day, after coming back from school, she chopped off her long hair. Soon after, she stopped eating. The real shock came when all of a sudden she started speaking in three different voices, her own, a man's and a woman's. It was further found that she was possessed by two different spirits.

10) Sector 15 
Sector 15
There have been stories of a ghost car which chases down people in the fog and suddenly disappears, it has been the cause of several accidents. People who have experienced this haunting, advice not to drive during night.


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