Top 10 Haunted Places In Nashik

Nashik Top 10

Nashik has to its credit many well known attractions and among these places you can have the experience of being in some of the most mysterious places. Here are 10 Places in Nashik that are definitely Haunted. Conduct a self-guided tour through the city establishments that offers true terror (and, bonus, no entrance fees!).

1) Mumbai-Nashik Highway(Kasara Ghat)
Mumbai-Nashik Highway
A particular area on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway passing through Kasara Ghat is said to be haunted by several paranormal entities. People have reported seeing an old headless lady, who suddenly comes in front of the vehicle, causing many accidents.

2) Khandobachi Tekadi

Khandobachi Tekadi

Legend has it that the place was earlier haunted by two demons named Mani and Malla who used their evil powers to harass people. Then lord Shiva came in the incarnation of lord Khandoba and fought with these demons and killed them.

3) Morgue Devlali

Morgue Devlali
This morgue is situated in Devlali near Temple Hill. Most morgues are located within the hospital premises, however this particular morgue in Devlali is at a distance from the hospital. Locals say the place is haunted and can hear strange voices and a woman screaming in pain at night.

4) Chandwad

People have reported seeing a woman, who asks for lift from the vehicles passing through this place. The scary part comes when the woman suddenly disappears.

5) Dev’s Arcade

Dev’s Arcade
This place was amongst the first mini mall in Nashik. In the beginning, the mall got a good response from people. This mall mysteriously shut down and sources  say that people have experienced paranormal incidences here. People usually do not enter this place after night, a few who dared were found unconscious in the morning.

6) Rane Nagar
Rane Nagar
The murder mystery at one of the house in Rane Nagar still remains unsolved. The house is now haunted by the victims spirit, strange phenomena like sudden drop in temperature and strange noises have been heard. 

7) Nasardi Bridge

Nasardi Bridge
According to an old legend, people have seen a women dressed in white sari walking late at night on Nasardi bridge. People say that, they hear their names being called when they are walking alone but find no one when they look back.

8) Under construction Building (near Splendour hall)
This place is said to be haunted. People have experienced paranormal activities and according to some 'they had unpleasant experiences and felt the presence of Supernatural beings'.

9) Triyambakeshwar

Aghoris practice Tantra Sadhna in graveyards in three ways – Shamshan Sadhna, Shiv Sadhna and Shav Sadhna. After the Shav Sadhna is complete, the dead body starts to speak up. Common people are not permitted to be a part of this Sadhna. The Aghoris perform this tantra Sadhna in 4 unique graveyards where the results of their prayers are 100%. In these four graveyards, the ghosts actually speak to Aghoris. Triyambakeshwar Jyotirling is one such place. It is situated in Nasik in Maharashtra. Lord Shiva is known as the king of Tantra Shastra. He is the originator of Tantra and Aghoris both.

10) Makhmalabad Road

Makhmalabad Road
This road is haunted by the spirit of a woman. People have heard screams of this woman on several occasions and according to some locals she can be seen running on the street and then suddenly disappears as fog in the middle of night. 


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