We all know how crowded and busy Mumbai gets during the day? But what happens within the four corners of a house? Do you believe in paranormal activities? If you are not sure, check out these houses where people have encountered paranormal activities.

1) D`Souza Chawl (Mahim) 
         A well in the D`souza Chawl area of Mahim has acquired the reputation of being haunted. According to the legend, a woman, while getting water, fell into the well and died. Many people claim to have seen the ghostly apparition of that woman near the well during nights. 

2) Vrindavan Society (Thane) 
             A man had committed suicide in one of the buildings of Vrindavan Society. The security guards patrolling the area have encountered strange happenings since then. They have been slapped hard on their face when alone and have been spooked by ghostly whispers during their patrol at night. 

3) Grand Paradi Towers 

      On the eighth floor of the Grand Paradi Towers in Kemps Corner, a series of nerve-racking suicides drew attention to what appeared to be a pattern of deaths and accidents. In 2004 an elderly couple jumped out of the window of this apartment. Their children and their grandchild followed suit within the year. 

4) Santa Cruz West 
           This spirit is referred as” 2nd floor ki bhabhi”, she committed suicide after a fight with her husband. The next day, a large black dog appeared out of nowhere and made that 2nd floor corridor his home. A veiled lady often strolls in the corridor & then the dog lets out a series of howls. 

5) Jogeshwari  
       2nd floor of a multi storey building is supposedly being occupied by the spirit of an Air hostess who was gruesomely murdered. Thereafter, company allocated the flat to another Air hostess. Since then there have been sightings of a weeping woman on the terrace and around the building. The sobbing lady points out towards the flat and says that she is unable to go home as someone else stays there. 

6) Nasserwanj Wadi (Mahim)     
    Located within a few minutes distance from Mahim railway station, Nasserwanj Wadi is said to be a spooky haunted place in Mahim that possesses the spirit of the murdered owner who was brutally burnt to death. No local likes to venture after midnight. Popular rumors suggest that place once belonged to a Parsi gentleman named Nasser, who was brutally set on fire and murdered in a cabin close to the well that is in the compound. 

7) Worli Bungalow     
      It is located near Worli sea face. According to locals, this bungalow is said to be haunted by the spririt of people who used to stay here and it has been unoccupied for years. 

8) Borivali – IC Colony   
      In the heart of IC colony, is an open garden plot, so dreaded that no child has played here for the last 30 years. Old residents claimed that a gardener committed suicide here after fearing he would lose his job when the property changed hands. He was so possessive, that his spirit allegedly targets any child playing on the property, which is now covered in undergrowth. 

9) Ram Sakit Building (Mahim)  
        There is a sealed well in its compound which is rumored to poses the spirit of a 50 year old Maharashtrian lady Sulochana who died after falling into it 20 years ago. The entire neighbourhood believes she still appears during Amavasya and vanishes in the morning. The belief is said to be so strong that a person called Richard, who claims to be the landlord, carries out exorcisms of laying flowers on the well every day, to please the spirit. 

10) Pawan Hans quarters (Juhu)   
     There is an old Peepal tree, which residents claim is the home to the spirit of a 20-year-old girl, According to legend, she poured kerosene and set herself on fire for no apparent reason in 1989. Her presence was so strongly felt by the residents that a resident called Anthony D’Souza, a devout Catholic, built a Hanuman Mandir to protect residents from harm after he was apparently guided to do so in a dream. On full moon nights, the girl can still be seen running, with her clothes still on fire and then she disappears into the tree. 


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