Conduct a self-guided tour through the city establishments that offers true terror (and, bonus, no entrance fees!). Here are 10 Places in Chennai that are definitely Haunted. We all know how crowded and busy Chennai gets during the day? But what happens at night? Do you think paranormal activities happen at night? If you are not sure, check out these places where people have encountered paranormal activities.

1) Besant Avenue Road  
          According to the locals, a small temple was built in the corner of two roads, this temple was built to ward off evil spirits and the area is covered with trees on both the sides. This place is a must visit if you are planning a ghost walk.

2) De Monte Colony
          A mere look at this creepy place will give shivers throughout your body. There are no lights and the trees here form a unique-yet eerie design. Almost all the houses in this stretch has remained locked for several years. According to the locals, John D'Monte, a 19th century businessman, owned most of the area at that time. He led a very sad personal life, his wife was mentally ill and their only son who he loved disappeared one day, his spirit still wanders around.

3) Madras Christian College
         It has been reported that on several occasions people have heard sounds coming from the empty chemistry labs. They have heard sounds of professors giving instructions on practical.

4) Karikattukuppam
          A fishing hamlet in Muttukadu, 32 km from Chennai, It was hit by the tsunami in 2004 and killed two children and a 70-year-old man, it is believed to be haunted by their spirits. People have seen ghostly apparitions at several instances.

5) Broken Bridge 

         Early in the morning this place will give you a wonderful view. But late in the evening, you'll have to think twice before venturing here. Sometimes, a cop comes in the evening to shoo away everyone from here. Some locals believe it is haunted, while others say that it a den for illegal activities.

6) Valmiki Nagar

        According to the locals, One of the land lord’s daughter committed suicide some years ago and her spirit still haunts this place. People have reported seeing the doors and windows of this place being shut and opened on several occasions.

7) Mount Road 

         This road has a history of haunting. It is believed that ghosts would follow those who traveled by rickshaws on this road. This urban legend has been around for more than half a century.

8) Kotturpuram  

       It is said to be haunted by the spirit of a man from the neighborhood who died a few years ago. The present owner of the house and his friends, have experienced eerie moments in the night. There are cold spots in the rooms, and they have seen a spirit walking through closed doors.

9) Blue Cross Road

         It is believed to be full of ghosts, because of the number of people that have committed suicide here. The lonely stretch has a canopy of trees and low hanging vines, which effectively cuts off the clear skies and there is no light during night.

10) Anna flyover

         Overlooking the Anna Flyover is a deserted, derelict and in ruins building. This building is now largely used for film shootings and for other ghost related shoots. Many stories of paranormal sightings have been reported here.


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  1. I haven't visited any of the haunted places in Chennai. It may be a scary experience for anyone.