Conduct a self-guided tour through these places that offers true terror (and, bonus, no entrance fees!).

1) H.C.L, N3 Building 

According to legend, women are assaulted(touched) by ghosts when inside the loo, many have seen blood dripping from the walls. This is by far the most spookiest place in Noida...

2) Phoenix Shoe Factory 

In sector 60, there was a shoe factory called Phoenix before the place burned down, due to a fire accident, killing around 200 women and children. The factory premises were then occupied by iEnergizer and now people have claimed, that they can hear screams of those dead children and women, on several occasions.

3) Noida Exprerssway 

People have reported sighting a beautiful girl, standing in the middle of the road who suddenly disappears and has been a cause of many accidents. People Who have experienced this damsel spirit advise to drive carefully at night.

4) Govindpuram, Ghaziabad 

According to the locals, a guy died several years back and he can still be seen walking on the lane. He(spirit) was brutally murdered by goons and it is said that his spirit never left this world and is still in search of those who killed him.

5) Hindon River 

The river looks creepy and has many stories of haunting associated with it. This place is haunted and people are strictly advised not to venture after sunset.

6) Sector 4, Ghaziabad 

This story has been narrated by a resident of an apartment in this locality. The family suffered a lot because of the evil nature of the spirits. The ghosts used to pull their leg, slap them, push them and make creepy noises.

7) L-32, Noida, sector 25 
Many years have passed since Aarushi and Hemraj were killed in this flat. According to the neighbors and other people who work here, they are still scared to enter the terrace of this building and many have even claimed to have seen apparitions at night.

8) Sector 16, Noida 

The Metro station here have been a witness to many paranormal activities. People have experienced whispers in their ear when there is no one around and at many instance people have felt being touched by a paranormal entity.

9) Raispur, Ghaziabad 

There was a tree in this village, which was supposed to be haunted by a witch, anybody who wandered near this tree suffered from some disease. This tree was burnt down and certain poojas were performed to ward of the evil.

10) KC-19, Kavi Nagar 
A house which once was home to 2 beautiful families, were murdered brutally at midnight. Situated in the midst of some of the posh households of Ghaziabad, KC-19, stands out in a sore, creepy manner. The walls still have blood stains of the people who were murdered here and neighbors report sighting 3 children running around in circles at midnight, laughing and playfully giggling with each other.


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