Nagpur is the second capital and the third largest city of the Indian state of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. It is the 13th largest urban agglomeration in India and the largest city in Vidarbha Region. Following is the list of top 10 haunted places in Nagpur.

1)  Parsi Graveyard, Seminary Hills
If you ask locals about haunted place in Nagpur, Parsi graveyard is the most common name that you will hear. People have reported illness for up to a week after visiting this place, many have also reported strange sightings of human like figures and eerie voices that chases them away. If you ever visit Nagpur and wish to get a haunted experience, then this is the right place for you.

2) Amravati Highway

People have reported various versions of their haunting encounters on this highway some call it a fog, some a spirit. Whatever it might be, it is definitely scary...

3) Haunted Nagpur-Wardah rail-track

According to some of the locals, long ago a girl was raped here and since then this place has been haunted by the spirit of that girl. On some days during nights her screams can still be heard, calling out for help and weeping in pain.

4) Dev Nagar

The story goes back around 20-25 years, the entire building was constructed over a place where people used to burn dead bodies. After construction of the building the residents who stayed there could see apparitions and spirits of the dead. On the night of Amavasya(No moon) people here still claim to see and feel those dead.

5) Ramtek
In this area there is a cursed tree. People skilled in the art of 'vashikaran', 'jadu tona' and other such forms of blackmagic, perform their tantra and mantra under this tree. It is said that, a person passing under this tree after midnight and before sunrise will get possessed by evil entities.

6) Bhander Forest
According to some locals, this place is said to be haunted by evil spirits and ghosts of wild animals who drink human blood. Also there are many wild animals in this forest, so if you ever think of visiting this place, better go prepared.

7) Wadi Haunting
A minor girl was raped at Wadi in Nagpur, she died few months after this incident. People have claimed that her apparitions have been seen near the place where she was raped, she sits on the corner of road and cries...

8) Daayan ka Ghar
According to some sources, there was a house near Amravati Road ByPass and an old lady used to stay in it. It was later found that she used to kidnap and kill children's for performing black magic. When the citizens came to know about this, they burnt the entire house along with that old lady. Her evil spirit still haunts people living in that area.

9) AH43
There are stories of haunting experiences on this Highway. Many people have claimed that, they have seen a beautiful woman in white dress with a candle, standing in the middle of the road and when any car approaches her she

10) Shukrawar Talav
  The lake has shockingly become a favourite spot for committing suicides. Every year, the lake witnesses atleast a hundred attempted suicides. Locals believe that this place is cursed by some evil spirit.


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