Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) is the capital of India's southern Karnataka state. The center of India's high-tech industry, the city is also known for its parks and nightlife. Here we present to you a list of TOP 10 HAUNTED PLACES IN BANGALORE. 

1) Bangalore International Airport 
Apart from the state of art infrastructure, Bangalore International Airport has also made news for a rather unusual reason... for being one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. Many people have reported incidents around this place which are quite extraordinary. According to the sources a ghost has been seen around the Cargo section, it has also been reported that through the infrared technique of detection the presence of a spirit has been confirmed. This and many such stories have added a spooky dimension to this rather unusual place to be haunted by a ghost. 

2) NH4 
 According to the sources, spirit of a young pretty girl asks for lift from the passerby. In one incident, a young boy who got seduced by the beauty of this girl, gave her lift and once he was near the City premises he asked the girl as to where she needed to go. To his utter surprise, he found that the girl was missing. Once he reached the City, someone patted on his back and it was the girl whom he had given the lift and she asked him to stop. He was so terrified that he rammed into a compound wall of a nearby under construction building. As he was lying wounded on the road, the girl came and looked into his eyes gave a wicked smile and walked away...

3) The Farm 
There is a farm few kilometers away from the main city of Bangalore. Here the spirit of a couple deeply in love can be seen on specific day of a year. These spirits have never been reported to harm anyone. According to the locals the couple were burnt alive by the villagers several years ago and on that particular day every year the spirits come to the same place as white smoke(in human form) holding their hands, deeply in love...

4) Haunting Dog 
According to the locals, a dog stands in the middle of the road and screams, the sounds made by the dog during the night is eerie and when anybody tries to look out for the dog only the head of the dog is visible, the dogs head is fully covered with blood and its eyes shining in the dark. People have tried to get close to the dog but it disappears when someone approaches it. 

5) Park 
This place no longer exists, as the place where the park used to be was converted into some residential building a few years ago. According to the locals the spirit had the capability to take human forms. Once there were two kids, a brother and his younger sister, who used to regularly visit this park which was close to their residence. One day the brother couldn't go to the park because of some problem but, his sister had already left for the park with her mother. The mother saw both the kids playing together and when they started packing things, suddenly the brother had disappeared. After coming home they found that the brother never left the house...

6) Victoria Hospital 
 This place is one of those places, where a lot of paranormal activities have been reported. A media report from a few years ago mentions a “hungry ghost” in the vicinity of the morgue that had finished off a packet of biryani; another such story is about the mischievous ghost that used to drink tea from students cup. These spirits or ghosts do look hungry and thirsty by their acts. 

7) Haunted Banyan Tree 
According to the Hindus, Ghosts and evil spirits are considered to, dwell inside or on, certain types of trees and touching or even being close to such trees is considered a taboo. One such tree was in the Tiptur area. Many people were claimed to be possessed by the spirits residing in that tree. Finally this tree was burnt down after performing certain religious activities. People were so scared of its evil that even talking of this incidence was prohibited. 

8) Hoskote route 
This particular route has reported many paranormal activities. According to the locals, once an auto driver at around 2.00 AM was returning home after dropping a customer at Hoskote. While coming back an old woman asked him for a lift to her house and also stated that she had no money and that she was little disabled. The driver decided to give her lift and asked her to sit inside the auto. The old lady asked him to get out of the auto and to put her inside. The driver said that he can't get out and the old lady suddenly started laughing loudly in high pitch and uttered the following words "You got lucky..Ha Haa haaa.. if you would have taken a step out of this vehicle, you would have been dead". The driver drove away...Locals say that the evil couldn't enter the vehicle because of the holy pictures and idol that was inside the vehicle. 

9) Call Centre 
A particular place on MG road is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman, couple of years ago an extremely sad incident happened.. A lady who used to work in a BPO was returning from her place of work, as she resided close to the office, she never took her office drop and instead commuted by herself. On that tragic night she was on her way home when a car, whose driver was drunk, came and hit her and she died after screaming for a while on the spot. It has been experienced and claimed by many Call Centre and BPO workers that they can hear the screams of that woman during that particular time of night every year. 

10) Haunted Mansion in St.Marks Road 
(some of the sources have informed that this mansion was demolished in February 2014). 
This house belonged to two Anglo- Indian sisters, Vera Vaz(80) and her younger sister Dolce Vaz(75) who was murdered in this house in front of her sister by an unknown assailant, it is said that she was buried in the house itself which now stands deserted as nobody wants to live there or buy that property. Many people have claimed to be witness of paranormal activities around here like sounds of piano during night, unexplained noises and even a simple walk around this place would given you an eerie experience.


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