Odisha (formerly Orissa), an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal, is known for its tribal cultures and its many ancient Hindu temples. The capital, Bhubaneswar, is home to hundreds of temples, notably the intricately-carved Mukteshvara. Here we present to you a list of TOP 10 HAUNTED PLACES IN ODISHA. 

1) Haunted tree in Manglojodi 
There have been reports of a killer tree which has been the cause of many deaths. According to sources, a girl was possessed by this ghost and it spoke through the girl, the prophecy is that it will kill 21 people. 

2) Cuttack Hostel 
There is an old hostel in Cuttack which is presumed to be haunted. People have experienced paranormal activities at this place and there is one thing that is common when it comes to the description of this spirit, the spirit is of an old person and it vanishes when someone approaches it. 

3) Ring road 

According to the legend, there is a crematorium along side this road and people on certain nights have experienced paranormal activities like half burnt people walking down the road who suddenly disappear... 

4) State highway near Bhubaneswar 
The state highway near Bhubaneswar, is haunted by a lady witch. It is believed that, she died on the road by an accident and at night her spirit asks for lift from the vehicles passing near that spot. If anyone stops the car, she disappears and if they don't stop, it gets inside the car and makes creepy noises... 

5) Puri haunted house 
One of the owner of a house in Puri city had committed suicide, but he was always fond of his house. The people who came to stay there after the house was sold can still feel the presence of its last owner. 

6) Jatan-Nagar 
There is a 100 room palace at Jatan Nagar which was built by deploying forced labor and it is also said that some people had died during the construction. The laborers where tortured badly and their spirits still live within the walls of this palace.

7) RIE's Haunted house 
It is situated in Bhubaneshwar region of Orissa. According to the locals, some students who used to live here had committed suicide and the presence of their spirits have been experienced by many. Apparitions have been regularly spotted and weird sounds can be heard at night. 

8) Kansbahal 
In one of the colonies, there used to be a Bhoot Bungalow, which was uninhabited for years. The story goes back to 1970's and according to the legend there has been few tragic and unfortunate deaths in the bungalow... 

9) Balsore haunted house 
A family of three shifted to Balsore, after they moved in, they soon realized that they were not alone. In the next week itself, there were rashes and scars on their body. After further investigation it was found that the house was built upon a crematorium and the presence of ghosts was further confirmed by other paranormal activities... 

10) Chaandpur village 
According to the legend "Shivu's father got victimized by an evil spirit. Later, Shivu tried to reveal the mystery behind the spirit. He saw a village girl, Jhilli become victim of the same spirit. Her spirit revealed the devil power of that tree. The villagers then decided to eliminate the evil entity by cutting the tree. Shivu attempted to do so but got killed by the evil spirit."


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