It is a state in southwest India with Arabian Sea coastlines. The capital, Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), is a high-tech hub known for its shopping and nightlife. To the southwest, Mysore is home to lavish temples including Mysore Palace, former seat of the region’s maharajas. Hampi, once the medieval Vijayanagara empire’s capital, contains ruins of Hindu temples, elephant stables and a stone chariot. Here we present to you a list of top 10 haunted places in Karnataka. 

1) Haunted Mansion, Bangalore 
In St.Marks Road (some of the sources have informed that this mansion was demolished in February 2014). 
This house belonged to two Anglo-Indian sisters, Vera Vaz(80) and her younger sister Dolce Vaz(75) who was murdered in this house in front of her sister by an unknown assailant, it is said that she was buried in the house itself which now stands deserted as nobody wants to live there or buy that property. Many people have claimed to be witness of paranormal activities around here like sounds of piano during night, unexplained noises and even a simple walk around this place would given you an eerie experience. 

2) Kastoorbha Medical College, Manipal 
The stairways of the Kastoorbha Medical College is said to be haunted by an unseen person who claims to be trapped in the 8th floor, though the college building doesn’t have an 8th floor. 

3) Haunted house, Udupi 
A man who had a good reputation and standing within his committee, committed suicide after he found that his son had entered the field of crime. He was in so much of pain that even after his death, his soul still wanders around this house and the house now stands deserted. 

4) Victoria Hospital, Bangalore 
This place is one of those places where a lot of paranormal activities have been reported. A media report from a few years ago mentions a “hungry ghost” in the vicinity of the morgue that had finished off a packet of biryani another such story is about the mischievous ghost that used to drink tea from students cup. These spirits or ghosts do look hungry and thirsty by their acts. 

5) Ballalbagh, Mangalore 
In 2007 at an under-construction building near Shree Devi College at Ballalbagh, people reported hearing sounds of newly-born babies and woman wailing and pleading for help. The shocking part is that there was no one inside the building when people went in to help and this carried on for many days... 

6) Haunted flat, Hubli 
A couple moved into this flat in the mid of 2012. The wife started noticing strange things inside the house, suddenly the lights would switch on and off and certain marks were found on her body which had formed after shifting to this house as if she had been assaulted. A priest was called in, who cleansed the entire area and then the paranormal activities stopped. 

7) ECC - 79, Mysore 
According to the legend, a person had committed suicide here and people have experienced paranormal activities since then. It is one of the most haunted places in Mysore. 

8) Bangalore International Airport 
Apart from the state of art infrastructure, Bangalore International Airport has also made news for a rather unusual reason... for being one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. Many people have reported incidents around this place which are quite extraordinary. According to the sources a ghost has been seen around the Cargo section, it has also been reported that through the infrared technique of detection the presence of a spirit has been confirmed. This and many such stories have added a spooky dimension to this rather unusual place to be haunted by a ghost. 

9) Sixty graves, Bijapur 
Afzal Khan murdered his 63 wives at a well near Saath Kabar.The trigger which caused this tragic decision was the prophecy that his astrologers had given that he would lose the war against Shivaji and would also surely die. He, therefore, took his wives to a well at the outer limits of the fort city and pushed them into the well one by one and killed them. When two of his wives tried to escape, they were chased by his soldiers and killed. This well is supposed to be haunted and on certain nights people have heard noises coming out from the well. 

10) Witch haunting, Kumta
The haunting of a white haired evil witch, has been experienced by many on the Muroor Road. According to the legend, people who see her get sick and the experience haunts them for days... 


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  1. My daughter was not getting sleep at night becauseof this .

    1. Try to tell your daughter that ghost and spirits don't exist in the world

  2. Hunted house n udupi. Wr t s located?

    1. Manjunath nagar 2nd cross, parkala.

  3. pls tell I. am interested in ghost huntingv. if any body wishes to
    contact me. 8884554984

  4. There is nothing called ghost and spirits. They are just an imaginary things

  5. Banglore airport yes i do agree's haunted