It is a state on India's tropical Malabar Coast, has nearly 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline. It's known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters, a network of canals. Inland are the Western Ghats, mountains whose slopes support tea, coffee and spice plantations as well as wildlife. Here we present to you a list of top 10 haunted places in Kerala. 

1) Lakkidi, Wayanad 
There is a ficus tree which is considered as haunted. An adivasi was killed here brutally. It is the spirit of this adivasi which haunts people passing by this tree. 

2) Haunted Bonacaud Bungalow 
Deep into Bonacaud region of Trivandrum, there stands a vintage styled bungalow and this bungalow is addressed as GB 25. This magnificent British architecture appears spooky and sounds such as breaking of glass, voices and screaming of child can be easily heard in the night. Few trespassers have claimed to have seen the boy's apparition standing on the door. This place might seem a tourist attraction in the sunlight but after sunset Bonacaud bungalow becomes absolute horror. 

3) Sabrimala 
There are many famous tales on Sabrimala temple. Every year On makara sankranti, a celestial lighting has been spotted on a particular hilltop. According to the locals it a blessing of Lord Ayyappa himself and is said to bless the devotees every Sankranti. But on the other side, few people think it is an evil spirit that was killed by Lord Ayyappa and every year, on 14th February the ghost tries to enter the land and Lord Ayyappa kills him... 

4) Trichur Forest 
According to the sources, people have witnessed paranormal activities around here. Many people who have come here for camping and stayed at night have reported hearing mysterious noises. If you are an adventure lover, a visit to this place is suggested as you can camp in the forest during night to encounter paranormal occurrences. 

5) Kariavattom 

Many people have witnessed several paranormal activities on a late-night scooter ride on Kariavottam campus road from Technopark back gate. They have seen movements of a figure twice the size of human beings. People have also felt the presence of supernatural powers around the Hymavathi pond in the Kariavottam complex... 

6) The Weeping Ghost 
A family moved into a new house in Kollam. The same night they heard crying noises from various rooms in the house, this continued for many days. Finally a priest was called and after performing certain rituals the crying noises finally stopped. 

7) Chooriyode 
The path from this place to Silent valley national park is haunted by five fire spirits. Many people on certain nights have experienced the horror of these spirits, though they have never harmed anybody... 

8) Cloning Ghost 
According to the legend, there is an evil spirit in Marayoor which has the ability to take forms. On certain nights this evil spirit targets people and those coming under the influence of this evil spirit do not ever come back... 

9) The ghost of Vaduthala Mathai 
This place near the Perandoor Canal was the haunt of a notorious rowdy, Vaduthala Mathai. “This man once abused a young woman who complained to the Raja of Edappally. The Raja ordered that Mathai be hanged to death. The hanging took place near a culvert across the canal. It is believed that Mathai’s ghost used to frequent this spot. Many feared going there after dark and even walking along the rail track. Local fishermen used to make an offering to the spirit of Mathai before getting down to work. Even today this belief exists in these parts of the city”.

10) Tripunithura 
Inside the fort area of Tripunithura there once stood a magnificent palace called Devatha Malika. This Dutch building was constructed to please Shaktan Thampuran, the then Maharaja of Cochin. But no one dared to live in it. As the name suggests it was believed to be the abode of celestial spirits. The building stood in a huge compound called Yakshithoppu. K.T. Rama Varma in his work Kairali Vidheyan Rama Varma Appan Thampuran writes, “When the members of the family (Cochin Royal Family) gathered together Devatha Malika used to be the topic of discussion. Even during afternoons people have supposedly heard voices, sounds from inside the building. And at night there was the pervading smell of the palapoovu (flowers of Alstonia Scholaris).” This palace was demolished during the reign of Rama Varma XVI or Chowarayiltheepetta Thampuran (king who died at Chowara). 


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