Madhya Pradesh is known for its Hindu and Jain temples at Khajuraho, which are renowned for their carvings of erotic scenes, most prominently Kandariya Mahadeva, a temple with more than 800 sculptures. The eastern Bandhavgarh and Kanha national parks, noted Bengal tiger sanctuaries. Here we present to you a list of top 10 haunted places in Madhya Pradesh.

1) Dow Industrial Complex, Bhopal 
The spirits of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy vicitms are said to be trapped in this abandoned and burnt complex. According to people, the presence of spirits has been confirmed by many and others have also reported paranormal activities.

2) Empty Building, Indore 
 According to the legend, few years ago a woman commited suicide by jumping of this building. Strange and paranormal activities followed after this incident and one by one the entire building was vacated. Today, this building stands empty despite being located on one of the busiest roads.

3) Peepal tree, Jabalpur 
There is a tree on B.T.Tiraha road, which is assumed to be possessed by several spirits. Elderly locals in the vicinity advice not to go near this tree at night.

4) Bhoot Bungalow, Bhopal 
 It is at Professors Colony, which is better known as the 'Bhoot Bungalow' in Bhopal. Over the years this place has developed a bad reputation, untimely deaths of its occupant and other dark tales of ghosts and myths are enough to scare even the bravest of souls.

5) Sukh Niwas Palace, Indore 
It was built by the Holkars of Indore as their resting place. Tourists and other locals have experienced paranormal activity in and around the palace, which has given it the title of being haunted.

6) Sharda Devi Temple, Maihar 
According to legend, people who stay inside the temple between 2 to 5 at midnight are supposed to get killed by Alah and Udal. They are considered as one of the greatest devotees of this goddess and it is believed that they still visit this place between these hours to offer their prayers.

7) Indira Gandhi Hospital, Bhopal 
Many patients have complained about the occurences and happenings of paranormal activities. According to the legend, ghosts of the people died in this hospital, terrorize people on the fifth floor.

8) Church, Guna 
According to locals, people can hear voices of children crying and they have also reported other paranormal activities. This church was burnt down due to some issues and since then it has been left abandoned.

9) A.B road Bridge, Indore 
Many accidents and mishaps have been reported on this bridge. The most popular story around here is that a lady in white saree suddenly comes in front of the vehicle and then she disappears.

10) Shivpuri Fort, Bhopal 
This fort was established almost 2000 years ago by Vir Khanderao. According to locals, Vir Khanderao loved to watch girls dance and used to throw grand parties. It is believed, that the dance parties of Vir Khanderao still continue at night and whoever sees the party does not return alive.


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