It is a state in East India, bordering Nepal. It is divided by the River Ganges, which floods its fertile plains. Important Buddhist pilgrimage sites include the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya's Mahabodhi Temple, under which the Buddha allegedly meditated. Here we present to you top 10 haunted places in Bihar.

1) Siwan Kabristan 
There is a Kabristan near the Barharia Jamo Road, people have reported paranormal activities near the Kabristan area. Activities like apparitions and shadows following, weird and eerie sounds are among some of the common experiences. 

2) Haunted House, Patna 
This house is near Lohia Nagar and now it stands unoccupied. According to the source, the family used to live happily before moving to this place. They soon started seeing terrible things and their health also started deteriorating. A priest was called, who confirmed the presence of paranormal entities and since then the doors of this house remains closed. 

3) Pond, Madhubani 
There is a pond near Basaith village which is considered to be haunted. More and more paranormal activities were reported after a bus fell into this pond, which killed around 50 people. 

4) Patna-Aurangabad road 
There has been sightings of apparitions on this road. Many have even seen a woman in white who asks for a lift and suddenly disappears. This has been the cause of many accidents, so drive safely. 

5) Qilla House 
This house is very famous in Patna and is known as Jalan Museum or Killa Ghar. The old heritage house which has been turned into a museum is still haunted by its past. There have been many instances where people have experienced paranormal activities in and around this house. 

6) Darbhanga school (2006) 
It is a residential school being run by the Kasturba Mahila Kalyan Samiti, an NGO, under the Bihar Education Project (BEP). A statement of the student: "School main Bhoot rahta hai aur hum logon ko darata hai (Ghosts reside in this school and frighten us)." Maulana Islamuddin, a madarsa teacher at Madarsa Fulkania (Baghelaghat), who treated the victim students, revealed that the troubles were caused by a "jinn" family, which resides in a part of the school building. "Human beings cannot see a 'jinn' but they can see us," 

7) Haunted Flat, Bhagalpur 
A few years ago a girl committed suicide in her flat. As per the neighbours, this girl was pregnant when she committed suicide and from the day after her death people could hear sounds of a girl weeping and crying in pain from this flat at night. 

8) Rajapakar Killings (2007) 
10 members of an impoverished nomadic tribe were killed on the suspicion that they were thieves, the ‘ghosts’ of the dead men are supposed to be haunting the village where the killing took place. Villagers spread red flowers and yellow mustard seeds outside their homes to ward off the spirit. Local folklore credits ghosts of Kureris with great malevolence. “In the event of an untimely death, Kureris turn into ghosts and can wreak havoc on the village. 

9) Sadar Kabristan 
It is near the Motihari Bypass. People have experienced paranormal activities in the vicinity of this Kabristan, skeletons walking on the road and many have also reported hearing creepy and crying sounds. 

10) Railway Quarters, Patna 
An evil spirit took possession of one of the employees wife, who was living in the quarters. Her body slowly started deteriorating and she started speaking in different tones and languages. Many priests were called in for help, but they were unsuccessful. She was finally taken to Sudhabay, near Pushkar where ghost fair takes place and a bath from the water from that well was able to get rid of that spirit. 


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