Delhi -Jaipur Highway

Delhi -Jaipur Highway
The Delhi Jaipur Highway has also had its share of hunting. People have experienced and witnessed unexplainable paranormal incidents.

According to the people, following are some of the haunting experiences:

1) On Delhi Jaipur road just 8 miles before Jaipur, there is a dhaba. It is said that near this Dhaba, a lady met with a car accident that killed her. Now it is believed that, people driving through this patch can see the apparition of a woman in a bright red sari wearing jewels standing right in front of the vehicle and she suddenly disappears in the air.

2) The stretch passing the Bhangarh Fort area on the Delhi - Jaipur road is believed to have been affected by the same spirits that haunt the monument. 

People who have encountered these paranormal activities advice not to explore the paranormal happenings alone in the dark.


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