Khooni Naala (JK)

Khooni Naala (JK)
The place has got this name from the large number of road accidents, that have taken place at this spot. A woman in black sari with an infant in her hand has been spotted by many people on this road. She asks for help from vehicles passing by this road and people who stop to help get cursed and die.

     Another reason for death on this road, is due to the avalanches and boulders that fall onto the roadA steel mesh structure has been constructed, to protect the passing vehicles from falling boulders. The steel nets need to be replaced every few months and during winter the entire stretch of road is prone to avalanche.

If you ever have to pass through Khooni Naalah at night time and happen to find this lady with an infant asking for assistance. Do not stop the vehicle and pray to god.


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