Mumbai-Nashik Highway (Kasara Ghat)

Mumbai-Nashik Highway (Kasara Ghat)

A particular stretch on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway, which passes through Kasara Ghat is said to be haunted by several paranormal entities. People have reported seeing an old headless lady, accompanied by hysterical laughing who suddenly comes in front of the vehicle, causing accidents. The creepy bushes and trees looming up on either side of the road make it look worse.
There are many small temples in this area which were built to protect travelers from spirits and ghosts. Following are some of the stories associated with the paranormal entities on this road. According to one story a headless man standing or crossing the road can be seen, many have reported seeing a headless biker who tries to overtake them and then suddenly disappears in the air. According to some it is the spirit of the people who died in accidents and according to the locals the spirits are of the workers who died during the construction of this road who still haunt this place. 

Individual travelling at night is not advisable and safe, also do not adventure into the jungle as it can be dangerous.


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