NH17 (Mumbai-Goa Highway)

NH17 (Mumbai-Goa Highway)
There is an old saying that we should not carry meat while we are traveling, especially after 2 in the night. It is a common belief that meat attracts negative entities and energies.

One such incident took place at NH17. A couple was carrying Chicken and other meat items in their car, they were peacefully driving until the lights of the car suddenly went on and off and the car got out of their control. They somehow managed to pull over the car and got out of it. The doors automatically got closed and after about an hour the doors automatically opened and a black smoke come out of their car. The couple were totally in shock and so they didn't get into the car until sunrise. 
When they finally got into the car in the morning they found out that all the meat was finished off and only the bones were left over.


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