From disembodied voices to ghostly apparitions, we've heard many spooky details from hotel guests who have visited notoriously haunted hotels. Spend a night with some legendary ghosts in the country's most famous haunted hotels. Here we present to you a list of top 10 haunted hotels in India.

1) Brijraj Bhavan, Kota 
A Heritage Hotel, Brijraj Bhavan once used to be the residence of Major Charles Burton who was killed during the mutiny of 1857 by Indian sepoys. It’s said that the major’s ghost still walks the halls here.

2) Fern Hill Hotel,0oty 
According to a source, during the shooting of Bollywood movie “Raaz”, Famous Choreographer Saroj Khan and her crew woke up one night after hearing noise of rearrangement of furniture on the first floor. They decided to contact the reception to talk about this noise, but the phones were dead. They couldn’t sleep due to the constant noise of furniture on the first floor. Next day morning, they complained the receptionist about the noise on the first floor. In reply, the receptionist said that there was no first floor in the hotel.

3) Taj Mahal Hotel , Mumbai 
It is said that the architect, who designed the hotel, killed himself in the building as the design for the place did not go according to the plan. Many visitors and hotel staff have witnessed the ghost of Chambers walking in the Old Wing and the rumors have been popular ever since.

4) Raj Kiran hotel, Lonavala 
There is a particular room on the ground floor of this hotel, where guests have reported their bed sheets had been pulled off while they slept. Some have woken up in the midst of dark nights with a ray of blue light on their feet. These people have gone through mental therapies after staying in that room.

5) Hotel Savoy, Mussoorie 
Rumor has it that the ghost of Lady Garnet Orme haunts the Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie. The story talks about her murder in the
hotel by adding strychnine (a type of poison) in her medicine bottle. Years later, the doctor who was nursing her was also found dead in the same way. It is also believed that she was killed by some mystical power, but her murder was a big mystery of that time, and
still is.

6) Trident Hotel, Mumbai 
You can’t get to the 13th floor of the Trident Hotel at Nariman Point because there isn’t one. In fact, it is not uncommon for  skyscrapers in Mumbai’s commercial district, places like Hoechst, Maker Chambers and Atlanta too exclude 13 when numbering their floors. The reason behind this is that the number 13 is considered to be related to other worldly beings and paranormal activities.

7) Hotels in Ramoji film city 
There have been mild unexplainable cases where lights have fallen down, knocking on the bathroom doors from inside when the door was locked from inside, strange messages found on mirrors written in Urdu. Somehow women are targeted much more than men by the ghosts of the dead Nizams.

8) Hotel Lakeview, Ooty  
This Hotel has the most beautiful architecture. However the local people believe it is haunted. The people who have been to this hotel have reported many strange paranormal activities. Guests have reported hearing cries, during midnight on full moon days.

9) Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong 
This lodge is in the tiny hill station of Kalimpong in West Bengal. It was built in 1930’s by George Morgan, who lived here till the death of Lady Morgan. Rumors about the ghost of Lady Morgan haunting the house is quite famous. Locals claim to have heard  someone walking in high-heels in the wooden passage, when there was no one inside.

10) Ghost Hotel, Goa 
According to the sources, this hotel was built by Russians, but due to a legal twist and other complications they had to leave the country and their half-built hotel project behind. This place has reported many ghost sightings and the empty spaces and the jungle in the surroundings add a spooky touch to the incomplete hotel.


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