Indian Railways is a state-owned railway company, responsible for rail transport in India. Railways were first introduced to India in the year 1853 from Mumbai to Thane. Here we present to you top 10 haunted Railway Stations in India were people have experienced Paranormal activities.

1) The Barog Station/ Tunnel No.33 
Colonel Barog was a British railway engineer who was in charge of creating a tunnel through a mountain in the Kalka - Shimla Railway. What would later on become a terrifyingly long tunnel, had a 'miscalculation' of sorts. He committed suicide after being humiliated in front of his workers. It is believed that he shot himself while taking a stroll and was buried near the tunnel, which was then incomplete. Since then, he is seen wandering around the tunnel to make his presence felt.

2) Begunkodor Train Station, West Bengal 
Located in a remote village in Purulia, this station is reportedly haunted by a white-sari draped women, the ghost of a lady who was run over by a train. She has been seen dancing on the platforms and wandering along the tracks, and the sight has allegedly caused the death of a railway employee. However, these reports were rubbished by the government and the station was reopened in 2009 after being deserted for 42 years.

3) Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi 
Not exactly the station, but a lady in white is known to haunt the area adjacent and around the Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station in Delhi. The spirit of the lady runs behind people in car, sometimes even allegedly slaps them, knocks against the door, and traumatizes the poor late night travelers.

4) Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh 
According to sources, the spirits have made this place their residence. It is claimed that the spirits are of the freedom fighters who perished in Naini Jail, which is near to this station. The spirits have never harmed or hurt any person, but their presence can be felt.

5) Dombivli railway station,Maharashtra
There are many stories of haunting on Dombivli railway station. According to one of the source, once a person was traveling around 12 in the night. He saw a lady who seemed as if she was going to work. After looking closely, he found that the lady was crying, so the guy went up to the lady and asked if he could help her. She said that she wanted to go home, but she could not go. The person boarded the next train as he was getting late. The very next day when he came to catch the train, he saw the lady sitting at the same spot, today he was accompanied by his friend, when he brought this to his friends notice, his friend said that he could not see anybody sitting or standing.

6) Ludhiana Railway Station 
According to the sources, a former Computer Reservation System (CRS) officer, Subhash, who loved his job, died in this room in 2004. People believe that it was this love for the job that didn’t let him leave this place even after death, and his spirit still lurks in that office of the Reservation Centre where he used to work. Rumors also say that whoever tried to sit there has faced difficulties and problems.

7) Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Kolkata 
Those who have committed suicide at this metro station are supposed to be haunting the place, and quite a few have over the years. Some of the people who have boarded the last train have had some weird experiences. It is claimed that spirits can occasionally be seen riding the last train. People have reported seeing ghostly figures during the late evenings and nights.

8) MG Road Metro Station, Gurgaon 
People have experienced paranormal activities at this station. The reason behind these happenings is a white-sari clad lady who died here years ago in an accident and since her death she has haunted the MG Road Metro Station.

9) Mulund Railway Station, Mumbai 
Though an unusual spot for finding paranormal entities, but according to sources, the spirits of those who have died while crossing the railway tracks and other such accidents are still stuck here and occasionally can be seen and heard screaming and crying at certain nights.

10) Chittoor Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh 
According to the sources, on October 31, 2013 a CRPF official Hari Singh, was allegedly attacked by RPF personnel and a couple of TTEs on duty on a New Delhi-bound Kerala Express. Hari Singh, with serious injuries, got down at the Chittoor railway station in the early hours after the train passed Katpadi junction. He was admitted to the local government hospital in Chittoor and was later shifted to Chennai, where he succumbed to injuries 10 days later. Allegedly, his spirit hovers over the platform ‘in search of justice’.


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