Assam, land of red river and blue hills, If you are looking for variety while choosing your holiday destination, this could be the perfect spot. Here we present to you top 10 most haunted places in Assam.

1) Valley of Death for Birds, Jatinga

  Near Guwahati there is a place called Jatinga, this village is popular worldwide for its unexplained phenomenon of mass bird suicides. Most of the migratory birds visiting the area never leave the village. The mass suicides takes place on a specific 1 mile by 600 feet strip of land between 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM on the moonless nights of September and October. This phenomenon is said to have repeated year after year without a break for more than a century.

2) Haunted Lodge, Jorhat

   Residents hear sounds, screams, and crying noises coming from the inside of the house, when this place has been deserted for years. Many people who have tried to ridicule the haunted tag, have adventured into this place to unravel the mystery behind the incidents, after visiting they have found various types of symbols at different places in this house, these symbols will definitely give shiver to a common man.

3) Haunted House, Guwahati
  According to the legend, this house was under the occupation of a person who practiced sorcery. After the death of this person, whoever tried to settle here could not live peacefully as the spirit of this person would harass and disturb everybody who came to stay here.

4) Bogijuli camp
   It is in the Nameri forest reserve and has been reported for some strange happenings. A woman can be heard laughing and crying out loudly, but no one is to be seen. There is a bamboo grove nearby and sometimes suddenly noises of bamboos falling can be heard but as usual no one is found there on investigating.

5) Evil spirit, Guwahati
  As per the legend, a guy from Guwahati got married to a girl from another district. After a few days, the girl continuously had dreams of ghosts attacking her, soon her health deteriorated and she had bruises all over her body. Doctors could not find the reason behind this, so finally the husband took her to a Tantric. The Tantric found out that the strange things were being caused by an evil spirit, this spirit was in love with the boy and it was trying to enter the body of the girl so as to satisfy her desires. The Tantric advised them to shift to a new place and then the problem was solved.

6) Haunted House, Nagaon
  There is a house adjoining Tarun Phukan Road which is supposedly haunted by a teenager. This girl was raped and murdered in this house and since then the spirit of this girl has been trying to get even with the culprits.

7) Sundarbari Cemetary, Guwahati  
  According to reports people have experienced paranormal incidents near this cemetery. Incidents such as seeing apparitions, getting sick and hearing creepy sounds has been reported to have been experienced after midnight.

8)  Banyan tree, Puranigudam
   There is an infamous old banyan tree in the Kakharigaon area. Legend has it that during the Assamese-Burmese wars of the 1820s,the Burmese committed countless atrocities on the poor Assamese villagers,including building bamboo sheds atop tree,more like modern day tree houses,they then tied up the locals and put them atop the tree and put fire at the base. One can only imagine the suffering of those people. Locals claim that the place today is somehow haunted by those souls and the site has seen numerous fatal accidents over the years.No matter what the local authorities do to sort out this stretch of the NH-37,the accidents just keep on happening, further giving cause to the locals fear about the site.

9) Mayong Village
According to the legend, This place has sorcerers who could transform humans to animals by using black magic. This place is famous for its tradition of hosting black magic rituals. People who are troubled by black magic come here to get treatment.

10) Hahim Picnic Spot
    The beauty of this place turns into a silent eerie place after sunset. The stretch of highway that passes through is supposed to  be haunted and there has been reports of paranormal activities. The place is supposed to be haunted by an evil witch who hovers  around this place.


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